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Autonomous System Security

Espanaro’s principles of Autonomous System Security are reflected in the general guidelines set-out below for designing and developing autonomous systems that are safe, secure, and reliable. These principles include:

  • Assuring the whole system - Autonomous System Security should not focus only on the individual components of an autonomous system, but on the system as a whole. This includes considering the interactions between components and users, as well as the system's environment.

  • Building in security - Security should be built into autonomous systems from the start, not added as an afterthought. This means using secure design principles, implementing security controls, and testing for security vulnerabilities.

  • Securing the data - Autonomous systems often collect and process high volumes of sensitive data. This data must be protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction.

  • Securing the communication - Autonomous systems often communicate with other systems and devices. This communication must be secured to prevent unauthorized access, interception, or modification.

  • Securing the people - Humans are still involved in the development, operation, and maintenance of autonomous systems. These people must be trained in security and must follow security procedures.

By following these principles, Espanaro engineers creates autonomous systems that are safe, secure, and reliable.

Here are some additional principles that are often mentioned in discussions of Autonomous System Security by Espanaro clients:

  • Transparency and accountability - Autonomous systems should be transparent enough that users can understand how they work and be held accountable for their actions.                      

  • Resilience - Autonomous systems should be resilient to attacks and failures.                           

  • Privacy - Autonomous systems should protect the privacy of users and the data they collect.


The pace of change within Autonomous System Security design and deployment is high – and Espanaro’s design principles continue to evolve as autonomous systems become more complex and widespread, ensuring delivered solutions perform to the highest, and most secure, levels.

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