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Espanaro at the Forces Transition Group Event, Cheltenham


Terry Edmunds


9 Apr 2024

Espanaro is proud to have participated in the Forces Transition Group Ltd group LTD event on April 9th, 2024. We commend FTG Founder, John Stephenson - Forces Transition, and his team for their dedicated efforts in facilitating the transition of ex-military personnel into civilian life. The platform serves as a comprehensive support network, demonstrating thorough consideration for all aspects of community support during the transition and beyond.

This event provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage directly with esteemed members of the Forces community. Through face-to-face discussions, we gained a deeper insight into individuals' skills and experiences. Our CEO, Dan Edmunds, represented Espanaro by delivering an on stage introduction. Many interviews were conducted throughout the day, fostering meaningful connections. 

This event presented an excellent opportunity for individuals of the military community to explore new career paths and discover the exciting opportunities available at Espanaro.

Espanaro extend thanks to John and the Forces Transition team for their invitation and for orchestrating such a successful event.

Forces Transition Group - FTG

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