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Espanaro - Services

Providing Security by Design


Across all aspects Defence, Security & Manufacturing Industries. 


Secure Solution Engineering

Completed projects have included secure & autonomous sensor engineering, design & deployment of synthetic environments, modelling & simulation, low latency, low bandwidth video streaming, secure autonomous sensor systems, facial recognition powered by AI, synthetic training environments, video analytics, body-worn cameras, and remote ground sensors, managing bearer networks, networking systems, encryption, and firewall technologies, system security audits, supply chain audits, cyber-security audits & program management, and manufacturing equipment & system security engineering.


Cyber Security Services

Espanaro is renowned for ensuring that it’s cyber security solutions fit both the threat and the resources of our clients.  Our Cyber Security Consultants will to consider the size and complexity of the organization, the specific security risks it faces, and its budget. 


Services such as Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, Incident Response, Security Awareness Training and Managed Security Services are all available. 


Secure C5i Architecture

Espanaro has designed and built several secure C5I architectures - designs for a Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I) system that incorporates security features to protect it from cyber-attacks and other threats.

The specific security features that are included in a secure C5I architecture will vary depending on the specific needs of the organization, but some common features include – segmentation, encryption, intrusion detection & prevention systems, access control & data centric security principles. 


Autonomous System Security

Espanaro’s Autonomous System Security projects focus on 5 key areas – assuring the whole system, building in security, securing the data, security the communications & network and security the people. 


These principles have been applied across a number of projects for Government, Commercial and Manufacturing clients. 


Programme Management

Integrating and delivering programmes across major clients, government departments and commercial organisations big and small, Espanaro’s Secure Programme Management team are second to none.  

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