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Systems Engineering

Excellence in Model-Based Systems Engineering

Across all industries, the complexity of projects and products is rising, leading to an ever-increasing requirement for better management of engineering and organisational challenges. It is clear from our perspective that there has been a strategic shift across government, defence, and commercial industries, and the fundamental solution to managing complexity is a dedicated focus on applying a systems approach.

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Why Espanaro for Systems Engineering?

Our team of experienced systems thinkers apply rigorous yet efficient solutions that focus on applying structure to enable creativity and innovation to thrive in a controlled manner within a project. This approach focuses on meeting the end customer's needs while meeting the latest industry best practices and applying tailoring where bespoke and flexible solutions are required. Our team can offer support throughout a project or product's life cycle, from discrete niche research projects to long-term support programmes to support an organisation's growth and capability transition periods.

Our Comprehensive Expertise

Systems Thinking methodologies underpin all our work here at Espanaro. Whether developing a system architecture, developing a project plan, or understanding a client's issues, we ensure that we look at the problem as a whole and its constituent parts.

Our core Systems Thinking capability is underpinned by a broad range of what we believe to be fundamental Systems Engineering Key skills. These skills include:

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What our clients commonly need from us

Provide overall System Engineering guidance on a project.

Develop System Requirements.

Develop System Architectures, both logical and physical, to underpin a system’s design.

Provide overall project leadership underpinned by a Systems Engineering approach, including supporting the roll-out of organisational structures.

Plan and conduct Test and Acceptance activities.

Conduct bespoke research studies to support overall strategic technology decision-making.

Partner with Us

If you need dedicated systems engineering support, see our Partnerships page for more details on how we deliver our services bespoke to your needs.

Equally, you can contact us directly, as we’re always happy to have detailed discussions remotely or in person on how we can support your business.

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