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Cadet Force Volunteering


Terry Edmunds


23 Feb 2024

Last weekend, our dedicated team member, Mark Cook, took part in a meaningful initiative, spending time with over 60 cadets to impart the fundamentals of being an Army Cadet. Drawing from his extensive 10-year service in the Royal Corps of Signals, Mark's commitment as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer extends to one evening a week, numerous weekends, training courses, and a week-long camp annually. He passionately shares the invaluable skills acquired during his military tenure with children aged 12 to 18.

At Espanaro, we wholeheartedly support Mark in this endeavour, providing him with flexible time and paid leave. We recognise the profound impact it has on both his personal development and the cadets in fostering essential life skills.

With a large percentage of our team comprising ex-military personnel, some actively engaged in reserve commitments and the defence industry, we proudly uphold the Armed Forces Covenant. We believe in the immense value of employing individuals from the Armed Forces community, and we actively encourage others to do the same.

Join us in promoting the virtues of the Armed Forces Covenant! Discover the advantages of integrating members from the Armed Forces community into your workforce and consider taking the pledge. Learn more about the Covenant and sign up today to make a positive impact:

Find out more about Armed Forces Covenant scheme below:

The Armed Forces Covenant : Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

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