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Espanaro Achieves Renewal of Cyber Essentials Plus Certification


Terry Edmunds


17 Jun 2024

Espanaro is proud to announce the successful renewal of our Cyber Essentials Plus certification! Highlighting our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security and reinforces the trust and confidence of our partners and stakeholders.

Ascentor’s 360-degree approach to cyber security—covering discovery, protection, compliance, and continuous review—has been vital in this process. Ascentor specialises in independent information and cyber security consultancy. Since 2004, they have provided cyber security services across government, defence, civil nuclear, and commercial sectors with a comprehensive approach to critical cyber security. Their dedication to safeguarding our digital assets and ensuring regulatory compliance sets them apart in the industry.

Holding the Cyber Essentials Plus certification is imperative for Espanaro as it is a key requirement for many of our bids for work, particularly in sectors that prioritise stringent cyber security measures. This certification not only demonstrates our commitment to protecting our digital infrastructure but also provides a necessity in securing new contracts and partnerships. It assures our clients and partners that we adhere to robust cyber security practices, which is crucial in today’s digital landscape where cyber threats are ever-evolving.

Espanaro deeply values its partnership with Ascentor and looks forward to continuing to work together to maintain robust cyber security measures that protect our organisation and uphold the highest standards of digital safety.

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