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Espanaro Attends Successful Networking Event Hosted by Whitetree Aboard the SS Great Britain

Bristol, UK – June 20, 2024


Terry Edmunds


20 Jun 2024

Last night, key members of the Espanaro team, including CEO Dan Edmunds, CCO Nath Molnar, Head of Systems Engineering Stuart Warner, and Senior Systems Engineer Abi McInally, attended the Annual Networking Event hosted by Whitetree. The event took place aboard Brunel’s historic SS Great Britain in Bristol, with perfect weather setting the stage for an evening of valuable connections and engaging discussions.

Whitetree, renowned for its high-quality consultancy services, consistently adds real value to client projects by exceeding expectations and offering exceptional insights and support. Their experienced consultants possess an in-depth understanding of the defence environment, enabling them to provide invaluable guidance on complex challenges. By developing tailored, data-driven solutions, Whitetree helps businesses achieve growth and profitability.

The event celebrated the synergy and collaboration within the SME Ecosystem, featuring Safeguard Engineering Limited, Advanced Systems Understanding Ltd, and AACE Ltd. Attendees discussed driving innovation and fostering growth across various industries. The gathering provided an excellent platform for exchanging ideas, exploring new opportunities, and strengthening professional networks.

Espanaro's participation underscored its commitment to fostering strategic partnerships and enhancing collaborative efforts within the industry. The team engaged in meaningful conversations with peers and partners, exploring ways to leverage collective expertise for mutual benefit. The event also highlighted the importance of collaboration in tackling industry challenges and driving technological advancements.

Espanaro looks forward to its future collaboration with Whitetree and the continued joint efforts to drive innovation and success. The company remains committed to exploring new avenues for partnership and growth, leveraging the insights and expertise gained from such esteemed networking events.

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