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Espanaro Earns Silver Award for Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme

Silver Award


Mark Cook


4 Jul 2023

Espanaro is thrilled to announce that the company has been honoured with the prestigious Silver Award for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme under the Armed Forces Covenant. This recognition is a testament to Espanaro's unwavering commitment to supporting veterans, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, and the broader forces community.

Espanaro remains committed to upholding the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, contributing to the overall welfare and prosperity of veterans and the wider forces community. This accolade underscores Espanaro's role as a responsible and socially conscious organisation, dedicated to making a meaningful difference beyond the business realm.

The Silver Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme stands as a testament to Espanaro's ongoing efforts in building a workplace that values and supports the invaluable contributions of veterans and military personnel.

Next year we will aim for Gold!

Many thanks to RFCA for Wales for their ongoing assistance and support.

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