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Espanaro Triumphs at the Welsh Veterans Awards

A Night of Celebration - Vale Resort, Cardiff


Terry Edmunds


3 Jul 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Espanaro achieved remarkable success at the 2024 Welsh Veterans Awards, held on July 3rd at the Vale Resort in Cardiff. Competing against a record number of applicants, Espanaro proudly secured victories in all the prestigious categories finalised for:

  • Veteran Business of the Year

  • Employer of the Year (Silver Award)

Additionally, our CEO, Dan Edmunds, was honored with the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award, recognising his exceptional leadership and contributions to Espanaro. This award underscores Dan’s commitment to driving our company forward and his innovative approach to business.

The awards ceremony celebrated the outstanding achievements of veterans in business, fitness, sport, and the wider community. With a focus on the dedication and perseverance of veterans, the event highlighted the significant impact they make in various sectors.

Espanaro’s success at the Welsh Veterans Awards is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our entire team. Winning these awards reflects our dedication to excellence and our mission to support veteran employment and entrepreneurship. Our recognition as Veteran Business of the Year and our silver award for Employer of the Year demonstrate our ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace for veterans.

Looking Ahead...

These accolades not only honour our past achievements but also inspire us to continue our mission with renewed vigour. We are committed to maintaining our high standards and striving for excellence in all our endeavours. The recognition at the Welsh Veterans Awards motivates us to further our efforts in supporting veterans and making a positive impact in the community and in the industry!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Your encouragement and belief in our mission have been invaluable. We also congratulate all the other finalists and winners at the Welsh Veterans Awards for their remarkable contributions.

The Welsh Veterans Awards celebrate the accomplishments of veterans across Wales, honouring their contributions to business, fitness, sport, and the wider community. The awards aim to recognise and promote the achievements of veterans, encouraging more to follow in their footsteps and make a significant impact in various sectors.

For more information on the Welsh Veterans Awards, visit their official website.

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