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Powys Business Awards



Mark Cook


20 Oct 2023

Espanaro, is gearing up for a night of anticipation at the Powys Business Awards, 2023. The team is set to don black-tie attire as they find themselves in the final running for the 'Best New Business' accolade. Adding to the excitement, the founder and CEO of Espanaro, Dan Edmunds, has been nominated for the highly coveted "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. This nomination is a testament to his outstanding leadership and the company's remarkable achievements since its inception.

The Powys Business Awards serve as a platform to acknowledge and honour businesses that have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and significant contributions to the local business landscape. Espanaro, with its commitment to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, has clearly caught the attention of the awards committee.

As the countdown to the awards ceremony begins, the team at Espanaro expresses gratitude for the recognition and is eager to share the evening with fellow finalists and industry peers. The company is already basking in the pride of being acknowledged among the top contenders in the "Best New Business" category and Dan Edmunds' nomination for "Entrepreneur of the Year."

Check out our entry video below:

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