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  • Bob Kingstone

How Does Espanaro Integrate Security in Software Development?

Updated: Feb 19

The 'shift-left' philosophy has gotten significant attention within the software development community, this philosophy aims to reposition security from being considered only as a reactive measure, to be addressed when an issue emerges, to a proactive and integral aspect of the development process. By embedding security considerations early and consistently, the shift-left methodology seeks to ensure that security is prioritised and ingrained within the fabric of software engineering practices.  

Navigating the complexities of 'shift-left' and truly integrating security within the software development lifecycle demands more than just procedural changes; it requires a profound understanding of the nuances of software security. This deep comprehension is essential because security challenges are not static; they evolve as rapidly as technology itself.   

At Espanaro, security by design is part of our core ethos, we recognise that to effectively anticipate, identify, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, our team must not only stay abreast of the latest in security research and trends but also deeply understand the principles that underpin secure software engineering. This commitment to mastering the art of software security engineering is what enables us to embed robust security measures at every phase of our development process, ensuring that our software is both functional and secure.  

To accomplish this our team employs our own proprietary tooling designed to integrate security from the outset. One significant aspect of our workflow is the evaluation of external libraries, applying a trust-level to each, ensuring that they meet our stringent security standards, we couple this with the generation of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). This practice offers full transparency about the components used in our software, facilitating a deeper understanding and trust in our processes among our customers.  

By sharing how Espanaro has integrated security into our software development lifecycle, we aim to shed light on ways to improve software security practices. Our experience underscores the importance of a proactive and informed approach to security, starting at the project’s inception and continuing through to its deployment. Actively incorporating security measures early and consistently proves our deep belief in the necessity of building software on a secure foundation. We believe this approach not only enhances the security of our projects but also presents significant benefits for the broader software engineering community, including reduced vulnerabilities and stronger trust with end-users.  


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